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Gesaworld is an international consultancy group founded in 1999. Our main activities are focused on improving health services and the social sector. Our main clients are organisations that seek to improve the health and welfare of others. We offer innovative and effective services at a global as well as a local level. We work closely with our clients to define these services, which are based on our knowledge of the needs of each client.


Corporate headquarter: C/Comte d'Urgell 204 5th B Barcelona 08036 Spain Tel. +34.933.630.327

Gesaworld CEO Panelist at the SFHHA Healthcare Summit


Upcoming III Gesaworld's Global Health & Sustainability Seminar 19-20 March, MIAMI


Gesaworld was present in Trade Américas & Connect Americas Expo


Telecare foster debate on the 21st Feira Hospitalar (São Paulo)


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