Upcoming III Gesaworld's Global Health & Sustainability Seminar 19-20 March, MIAMI


Gesaworld III Global Health & Sustainability Seminar will focus on Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Delivery in USA, Latin America and Europe.                                                                 

Gesaworld’s seminars are envisioned to be small gatherings in which international high-level decision makers in the healthcare arena share and discuss their experiences.                                                                     

Our previous Seminars (Washington D.C and Harvard University) have brought together representatives from healthcare delivery, clinical practice, ongoing education and policy making including multilateral institutions (IDB, WB, PAHO).                                                                    

We want to foster evidence-based discussion, highlight good practices and the people who have made them possible in a wide range of international contexts.                

Visit our seminar website: http://globalhealthseminar.com

For more information, please contact
2655 Le Jeune Rd. Suite 810
Coral Gables, FL 33134
United States
+1 (305) 448 8389

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